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About us

My name is Valerie, and live in southeast Wisconsin. I am a small home breeder of English Golden Retrievers.    I fell in love with English Golden Retrievers several years ago and I wanted to share my love of this breed with other dog lovers. 

Puppies are raised in my home, not in kennels or barns. My kitchen, laundry room and foyer are transformed into a puppy paradise.  Mommy and  puppies get my undivided attention. Grandkids, neighbors and friends help to assure these puppies are well socialized.  You will not find more loved or cared for puppies.

What do I feed them?  Keeping up with what everyone thinks is the "best" dogfood is like getting everyone to agree with me the Garth Brooks is the best country artist ever. So, after talking to many vets and breeders alike, I have settled on American Natural Premium. The puppies will be on that or Purina Pro Puppy.




Ryley 2015.jpg

did  I mention they're great with kids?

Puppies are pure joy!


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