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Daisy Puppy Pic.jpg


Daisy is the original English Garden Golden.  She gave us 4 great litters and is now retired and enjoying her time sunning on the deck or sleeping on the couch.  She has OFA normal hips, heart and elbows.  She is an ichtoyosis carrier and weighs in at a happy 80#

sea foam2.jpg


Maggie is the daughter of Daisy, and lives with my daughter. She is a sweet girl, very mature for her age. Maggie has OFA normal hips, elbows and heart.  Maggie is ichtyosis clear and weighs 75#

ivy 1 year.jpg


Oh, my Ivy.  She is my angel.  She came to me from a breeder in Iowa and has Ukranian parents. Don't tell the others, but she is my favorite.  Ivy has OFA excellent hips, normal elbows and heart.  Ivy is an ichtyosis carrier and weighs 67#


Queen Annes Lace (Lacy)

Lacy is a real beauty.  Lacy is a cuddlebug and loves the outdoors.  She is too young to get her clearances done, but we see no reason for her not to pass. Lacy is ichtyosis clear and weighs 75#.

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