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About English Golden Retrievers

If you are new to English Golden Retrievers, let us tell you a little about them. These dogs are loving, smart, gentle and playful, yet calm -  a perfect family dog. They are very similar in most ways to the American Golden Retriever, but they tend to have a blockier head, a calmer temperament, and a creamy, near white coat. 


Studies have shown, they are less susceptible for common health risks, such as cancer and hip displasia.


The AKC or American Kennel Club has one standard for the American type golden retriever and the KC or Kennel Club in England has another one.  They are all golden retrievers, but have differences in structure and type.  The English Cream Golden Retrievers are based on the KC standard from Europe.


We believe you will fall in love with  the English Golden Retrievers with their loyalty, affection, beauty and intelligence. 




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