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Puppy Socialization Schedule

maggie puppies week 1.jpg

Newborn to 2 weeks

  • Hold and handle puppy daily

  • Touch ears, feet, toes and tail

  • Begin introducing them to temperature changes in whelping box. 

  • Lots of quiet time for mom and puppies. 

  • Dewormer at 2 weeks old.

  • Eyes open


2-4 Weeks

  • Play music in puppy room

  • Add toys to the whelping bed then move to foyer (bigger) when legs are strong enough

  • figuring out how to use our legs

  • Everyone handles them (grandkids, friends and neighbors)

  • Fun with baths


4-5 Weeks

  • Introduce crate (without doors) open laundry room and kitchen up for their expanded digs. 

  • They are very near washer/dryer and hear vacuuming everyday.

  • Introduce grooming process (brushing, nail trimming, ear cleaning)

  • Introduce to other pets in home

  • Go outside (weather permitting)

  • car rides

  • dewormer at 2,4,6 weeks.

  • wean from mom 

  • Alexa is playing thunderstorms

7 week.jpg

6-8 weeks

  • Continue all previous training and make sure all puppies get lots of one-on-one time.

  • Leash time and start housebreaking

  • Less and less water and canned food in with dry.  Will be on completely dry food when go home.

  • enjoys bath time

  • First Vet visit with deworming and first shots right before they go home.

  • Go to forever homes 7 1/2 weeks-8 weeks old.

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