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Benny is the calmest dog I have ever met.  He is the best dog.  Incredibly well behaved too.     12/31/22

My wife and I brought our puppy home on the day after Thanksgiving.  We named him Baxter and that little boy has brightened our lives ever since.  He has grown up quickly to be a healthy and happy dog.  He just turned 5 months old and already weighs a robust 58 lbs.  Our little bundle of energy was house trained in a matter of weeks and is almost done with his obedience training. He's going to be a gentle giant who has a great temperament around our very young grandchildren.  We would recommend your services as a breeder and are looking forward to many years of dog ownership with our English Crème Golden Retriever.           3/5/2019


We got our puppy Lenny from Valerie in December 2017.  He was a (spontaneous) surprise Christmas gift for my fiancé who had family dogs growing up.  I, on the other hand, had never owned a dog and had no idea what I was getting myself into or what to expect. We could not have picked a better dog!  He is the sweetest, most loving, and well-behaved dog I've ever seen.  He is so gentle and loves kids and other dogs.  Anytime we go anywhere with him, he is a star.  People are constantly telling us how handsome he is and are amazed at how even-tempered he is. Our experience with him has make us reluctant to ever get another kind of dog.  He is very loved.  If we were ready now, we would jump at the opportunity to take home a sibling for him from Valerie.  We cannot imagine our lives without Lenny!

Danielle M.                                                 5/15/2018


Bowie is doing so well.  We couldn't be luckier to have this sweetheart be part of our family.  He is so kind, smart and silly. Just perfect.     12/31/22

I bought my puppy, Homer, from Valerie and picked him up at 8 weeks.  He's the sweetest, friendliest and healthiest dog!  Everyone always compliments him on his good looks and great attitude.  I would absolutely recommend an English Cream Golden puppy.  They are worth it!

Chris from Madison        3/25/2016

I am happy to tell you about my puppy Olaf. He is six months old now and has become the love of my life.  We brought him home at 8 weeks.  He is a really special dog...even tempered, calm and well behaved.  I have owned other dogs but none so easy to train as Olaf. His parents Emerson and Daisy are no doubt part of the reason he is such a good pup.  I would highly recommend Valerie as a resource to find a well bred English Golden. 

Mary A.                         3/30/2016


Wonderful puppies.  So sweet.  Valerie is awesome with all the puppies and shows love to all of them.  They are so sweet.  Would definitely get another puppy from her.

Lisa S.


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